Self- esteem

This has got to be one of the biggest things that hold people back in life and certainly myself.While some people just ooze confidence, self assurance and a healthy self esteem, others are crippled by feelings of lack of self worth. I have and continue to battle a lack of self worth which always brings… Continue reading Self- esteem


Just read on the news, a woman in harlow walking near a group of kids in sumners park, found them kicking a bearded dragon around like a football. She rescued it and took it to the vet, where it is partially paralysed. There are no words……


I’m now in my third week of Investigative Criminal Psychology and thoroughly enjoying myself, but the work is extremely hard. Hoping to volunteer in the research dept there. I’ve realised that success only really comes through hardwork, stress and a little bit of luck. So I will continue to remain positive. On another note we… Continue reading Studying


I GOT TWO BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY TODAY AS SHOWN HERE AND AM FEELING INSPIRED. I so want to start my own business and was thinking of making jewellery. The thing is I lack confidence in my self and my abilities, purely through past experiences and see myself as a failure career wise. So the… Continue reading Inspirations


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I won’t go into too many details but today I blew it. I’m trying to see the positives in my life, such as four amazing kids , a nice council home, a little money and a great God in my life. All I really want is a fulfilling job, to go…