Effects of change

Went for my second run in two days and can testify that running and exercise are excellent for mental health. I all read an important article today about how those people who are successful in life delay gratification, so for example if I went and ate seven packets of cheese and onion crisps, because I adore them and because I wanted to eat them at the time, it would gratify me form perhaps half an hour, but long term would be bad for my health . there are have and Things in my life that I battle by the day. Its about putting up with discomfort, which many of us don’t like doing. Hers the link to the article. Worry box app, coping with change.

1443953616982-321094460on a different note, this mybtwenty year old son who is now in his second year of uni studying physics and has now moved out into a flatbwith friends. He’s here with his dad .

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