Figuring out people

The last day was spent in our local hospital as my daughter was suffering from a kidney infection. As we were waiting to be taken up to the ward, my 16 year old in the wheelchair, I noticed  a parent that was in my daughters primary school, working at the desk, so I would have known her for about eleven years. I tried to gage eye contact with her to say hi, but we were invisible to her, she even walked past us to get to the drink machine and was clearly blanking us or worse, ‘we just didn’t matter enough’ to acknowledge or say anything. There was a  horrible feeling right at the pit of my stomach, because nothing could be said and nothing could be done about it. There have been times when people have said that they had seen me and I didn’t wave back. My only answer was I just didn’t see them. I would never ever ever intentionally blank anybody who cares enough to say hi or talk to me. This particular lady did see us, the point was what makes someone be like that.? I’m baffled at people who hold life long grudges over the trivialist things and hw these things can destroy relationships. People either love me or they hate me but being ignored and made to feel like your nothing is something else altogether.

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