The list

Important and crucial thing to do this week Write three Letters  Write blog Appt in Chelmsford Appointment with the chase Thurs Do homework articles Clean out sparebroom and start decorating Run everyday Read bible everyday Apply for at least five jobs Buy wallpaper. Open evening at Charles neo  Get info about apprenticeship an for maddie


It is a Sunday afternoon  and  I’m stuck in with the person who makes me madder than anyone I know. There is no dosh and I’m trying my best to hold it altogether. So I thought I would do some therapeutic baking, shortbread and some luscious Home made apple pie. Pictures will follow.

The long weekend

I’m got and distinct black of motivation today but later on I’m going to start my video blog which should be very interesting. Its going to be about my daily life, you may be thinking ‘ how interesting?’ But this vlog is going to motivate, make you think and perhaps inspire your lives. First installment… Continue reading The long weekend


I always go into the weekend feeling slightly sad because money is tight and I long to take the kids out to interesting places. As it is Maddie is off to a party and Theo will nprobably play out. Yet again in dream of becoming a well known author and that my book Danny and… Continue reading Friday